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…Way back from secondary school (now a State University), my elective was Electronics and Electricity. ┬áThat was for two years. Formally trained to learn how audio works, circuitry, to assemble Radios, pre-amps, amps & the theories of loudspeakers and carcass build among others. Finally, I get to complete a working Audio receiver. It wasn’t easy.

That was the beginning of my passion for Audio, equipment and reproduced music…

The best way to care for gadgets?

“It’s summer time, and the living is easy…” – so the lyric goes.┬áNot for hi-fi gears. Those precious toys will self destruct under the heat, direct or enclosed. Under the cool shade should take care of it.

Water including moisture – “Water is one of the greatest enemies of electronic devices because it is an almost perfect conductor; if a gadget falls into water when it is switched on this can cause its components to short circuit. Water also corrodes metals to varying degrees, so if a mobile phone or other handheld device gets wet it should be wiped dry immediately to prevent the moisture from seeping inside.” – a Developer. Should the unthinkable happen, hang the device low and dry, in the shade of course. A hair blower drier distanced approximately 12″ away from the device and in its lowest setting should accelerate to dry. Constantly checking from your palm the heat it blows. If its bearable, then your gears’ materials can bear them as well. Embedded in Rice grains some say work. Just don’t forget to remove the gadget in the rice before cooking your next meal – alright? Silica gel in a tin can works, too. Remembering water and gears don’t mix, you could avoid all of the above remedies.

Other than moisture and water, next NOT to mix with gadgets – food and beverage. Beverage = liquid, same issue as water. Food on the other hand, you leave tiny particles on the table and could get inside say your headphones, IEMs. These particles by itself, could affect your gears’ working performance. Another reason, picture this – your food particle IS Food, even for a bug, Said bug searched for it, then found it. While it’s having its meal – inside your gear, you decide to use them. Only you will know what happens next…

Cleaning – always read manufacturer’s instructions. A soft padding or cloth placed on table top, where you rest your gears – keep this as your own rule. Nicks and scratches and damage to internal parts due to banging on hard surfaces surely avoided.

These are really the most basic of basics. The more detailed care, you will learn along your hi-fi journey. Love your gears, your gears will love you back.